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The other night I hosted the Ganneviks award at Stockholms City Theatre.

What a great evening it was! I felt completely moved by all the recipients as well as the artistic elements of the evening!

So, who was Per Gannevik?

Per Gannevik (1931–2011), was a successful Swedish businessman from Jönköping who developed a strong interest in art and artists. During the 70s, he built up a significant art collection with works by modernists such as Sven X:et Erixson, Vera Nilsson and Bror Hjorth. A collection that he later donated to the Jönköping County Art Association.

When he died in 2011, he had bequeathed large parts of his fortune to the Royal Opera House and Stockholm University of The Arts. The majority, however, went to the Swedish Arts Grant Committee, whose board I sit on, and which since 2013 have given out annually grants of SEK 500,000 to prominent artists in Sweden.

To see all these happy and proud artists was abolutely wonderful! I wish more people would do like Per Gannevik and support our nations amazing artists.

It was also a renewed insight into the power and importance of culture for our entire country.

Therefore, long live the arts and long live Per Gannevik!

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