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Consultant & Executive Support

I have a wide network within the cultural sector, which I have utilized in my professional work as a consultant. Most recently, I tapped into my network as part of an assignment for Region Västerbotten to lay the groundwork for a national council for culture and design. 

"On my request, Fransesca Quartay has worked on developing concept sketches and led the nomination process in establishing the Arctic Design Council, which is directly linked to the northern hub for Designing Life Environments.

Fransesca's contributions to my project have been crucial in shaping the council and laying the groundwork for the ongoing work. Aside from Fransesca's expertise and commitment, I would like to emphasize the incredible energy and dedication she has demonstrated in our collaboration. Her combination of vision and precision has challenged my thinking and resulted in an outcome that surpasses my typical expectations for a consulting project. I am eager to continue our collaboration moving forward!”


Jonas Lundström 
Head of Business and Community Development, Region Västerbotten


As a leader, I have certifications from two leadership courses, been CEO for 9 years and mentored and coached other managers.

Executive support is about inspiring you to find your own solution to the problem, by encouraging and supporting you, but also by helping you to see beyond the immediate situation and asking "tough" questions.

As a coach, I'm perhaps a bit unusual in that I'm no stranger to sharing my own shortcomings and the challenges I've have experienced to clarify something. Leadership is hard, but also a lot of fun.

 If you're ready for a change, I promise honest support and lots of laughter.

Fransesca has supported and encouraged me with her warmth, energy, and experience. She is clear-sighted, straightforward, fearless, and streetsmart. In important issues such as questioning norms and being a woman in a leading position it has been invaluable to talk with her and our conversations have propelled me in my choices going forward.

Christine Hemdal Sandling

Vice-Deputy Head of Culture, Region Norrbotten

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