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Board member, Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Board member, Stockholm University of The Arts

About me

I was born in Gothenburg to a Swedish mother and a Ghanian father.


After my training as an actor at Gothenburg's Drama School, I moved to Stockholm where, among other things, I worked at Stockholm's City Theatre and The Royal Dramatic Theater - Dramaten. I have had the privilege of a wonderful career and have done both TV, film, radio, theater, and stage shows. 


Later in life I started directing, and for nine years I was the CEO of a regional theatre. This opportunity brought me to Västerbotten where I have remained. I never would have thought that I, as a typical city dweller, would settle in a small village in the country, but then again, life rarely turns out as you plan. More often it turns out even better.


At The Västerbotten Theatre I was tasked with modernizing the organization and I am proud of the many changes we implemented. Changes included increasing ticket sales by 16% and strengthening our finances with external partnerships by as much as 40%. It was a fun and rewarding time, and my experiences from that period as a director led to me later becoming interested in coaching others in similar situations. Being able to support other managers in their leadership is something I have found extremely rewarding. 


My passion for theater and culture stretches for over 30 years, and I also nurture a commitment to cultural policy and social issues in general. I believe in the power and importance of culture in a democratic society. For it is through culture, creativity, and diversity that we humans develop, and societies grow and flourish!

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