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Moderator & Keynote Speaker

I've been a moderator on several occasions. I like to be in a dialogue with my clients about the assignment and like to have several preparatory conversations needed with the participants of the event. As a moderator, I am well prepared regarding the topics and the background of the guests and seek to have a smooth flowing event with interesting discussions.

I am a seasoned speaker and lecturer of both light-hearted and more reflective and profound topics. I have held lectures for larger groups, for example staff retreats and trainings, and at smaller events with a select group of coworkers. I thrive both in interactive circumstances as well as in more performative settings.

Here are some of my keynotes. Each presentation is approximately 60 minutes.

° Thriving with Passion: Strategies to prevent burnout

° Crucial Conversations, how to navigate tough talks with confidence, skill and heart

° Resonate and Relate: Techniques for being heard and understood by all

° Northern Success: The green revolution of northern Sweden - past, present, future

° From spotlight to boardroom, my journey from actor to CEO

Fransesca Quartey hosted our conference "Springboard for Change", a full-day event with participation from the public and private sectors. She mastered the event professionally, eloquently and seasoned it with humor and creativity. Her expertise was invaluable and made the day a success.

Cristina Ghimpu

Chairman Expats and Friends Association

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