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Participated in SKR's (Swedish Municipalities and Regions) annual cultural conference this year located in Skellefteå at Sara Kulturhus. Had a great time also because I got to meet so many old friends and colleagues that I haven't seen in years!

At the last moment I was asked if I could lead a workshop due to someone falling sick and canceling.

I said yes, and quickly worked on some thoughts and ideas. The workshop went great, as did the entire conference. Several worthwhile lectures, but the two I carry with me are two that The Swedish Arts Grant Committee helped make possible.

The first was Radical Love – care as resistance a program exploring care practices within artistic and activist, queer and BIPOC communities and the second was a presentation of Moskosel Creative Lab, a collective of artists from around the world working on various projects in little Moskosel in Arvidsjaur municipality.

It was incredible to hear one of the founders speak about all that’s happening and the many art projects that are being done at this place up in Norrbotten! At some point in time, I must go there and see for myself!

All in all, the conference was great fun!

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