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January 2024 - New Year, New Possibilities

Updated: Jan 15

The new year kicked off with a real cold snap! A cold record was set in the Jokkmokk municipality measuring -43.6 degrees, but it has also been really cold in Västerbotten. At Innansjön, it was -29 degrees during the day and -32 degrees in the evening the other day. My dog Leo doesn't think it's fun to go outside.

I usually start the new year by setting goals for how I want/hope the year to turn out by creating a vision board that will serve as a mental compass for all the fun experiences I want to have in 2024. This is also the summer when I turn (unbelievable) 60, so there's a lot that needs to be fixed in the house as I'm expecting family visits from different parts of the world.

Then received news about a potential collaboration on a yet undisclosed project. It's so exciting that someone whom I've long respected and whose work I admire has reached out and said they'd love to work with me on this project. I'll share more details soon!"

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