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Updated: Mar 23

February was a packed month. As usual, I participated in the TV program Go'kväll from Umeå, where I gave tips on movies and TV. Always fun to be a part of and I must say that the program's makeup artist, Julia Säfsten, is absolutely fantastic.

It would be a dream to always look this.

I travel quite often to Stockholm to participate in various board meetings, but one of the trips to the capital was because I was invited to speak at the law firm Roschier's annual event - House of Many Voices. I was one of many speakers, and my mini-lecture was about northern Sweden and what is needed for us to succeed with the green transition here. The room was filled with interested listeners in a somewhat crowded and warm room. Later, ther was also a brief discussion with those present.

I also managed to listen to two of the other presentations before it was time for some food; Anna Takanen, former theater director at the Gothenburg City Theater and the Culture House City Theater in Stockholm, and the CEO of Hanaholmen, the outstanding Gunvor Kronman. What competent women we have in the Nordic region.

All in all, an incredibly interesting and rewarding evening!

During another visit to Stockholm, I met up with my old classmate and author Susanne Hydén, as well as my friend and colleague, the artist and actor Kayode "Kayo" Shekoni. Susanne had invited us to a book release for author Cecile Östby's new novel. It was exciting to experience a completely new world for me - the world of publishing.

A dream I have had for many years is to one day write a book. Perhaps this was the first step!

In February, I also had the honor of being a moderator at Ukraine Vision 2024, an event aimed at shedding light on Ukraine's rich cultural heritage and the challenges faced by its culture and cultural workers at present. There were many profound discussions.

It's utterly impossible to try to understand what it's like to be in the midst of a raging war or to have fled with only the bare essentials while one's partner remains behind, fighting at the front.

May we in Sweden, the Nordic countries, and the rest of Europe continue to support Ukraine in their struggle.

Slava Ukraine!

As if by a miracle, I managed to get tickets to the street artist Banksy's exhibition on its very last day. It feels likeI am a better person for seeing this exhibition!

Banksy is a British artist known for his satirical and subversive graffiti paintings done in a distinct stencil style. Often, his works are political or social commentaries painted on toilets, streets, walls, street signs, and bridges, originally in his hometown of Bristol, but now in cities around the world.

Banksy's identity has so far been kept secret, and no one knows who hides behind the pseudonym.

Banksy's artworks focus on politics, culture, and ethics. His works sell for millions when he allows it, mostly as reproductions. His art can often be seen even in war zones, like those he anonymously created in Kiev.

February is Pride month in Skellefteå.

It felt good to participate in a large and long parade of people standing up for everyone's right to love whoever they want!

Everybody say Love!

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